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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Smelling good

My newest obsession has been solid perfumes. I loving them for their compact size, frequent re-application without overpowering your nostrils, and they are oh, so perfect for travel. The small size is perfect in my purse or ziploc baggy for travel.

I've been on a mission for the past few days to find a scent that fits my personality. For a longest time I've been drooling at the Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume necklace. Hello! An accessory and perfume in one pretty package?! Sign me up! I shied away because I couldn't justify the $35 retail price. (Sista on a budget!)

However, the Pacifica brand (2nd picture) of solid perfumes is giving me life! The fragrance names alone has me dreaming of my next tropical destination. I got my eye on so many fragrances: Tahitian Gardenia, Brazilian Mango Grapefruit, Bali Lime Papaya, and Thai Lemongrass to name a few. Yes, I want to smell like a vacation. Sign me up! Have you seen the prices?

*Meg Ryan orgasmic voice*
"Yes! Yes! Yeeess!"

What I'm absoultely loving about this brand is that the line is vegan, gluten, and paraben free. (I've been on a natural health kick lately) This product is a win for sure.

The third one I came across the other day was from Lush. When I visited their store, they had a whole basket of fragrances. Again, this product line got kudos from me because its vegan friendly and the metal containers the perfume is stored in is enviro friendly. They get a huge score on pricing as well. However, this product failed to impress me. The scents were boring. Sorry Lush! I'll stick to your amazing soaps & body butters.

My google search led me to a product that was discreetly hidden in the jewel of a bracelet created by SJP. (4th picture) How cute! I absoultely love this but unfortunately, I'm not a bracelet girl. Price wise, it's up there with the Marc Jacobs but oddly, I would pay $35 for this product instead of the Daisy bracelet. I'm not sure why? Is it because it's SJP??

Super long post but I wanted to share with you today's travel tip. Solid perfumes are an excellent alternative to packing your breakable, full size bottle of perfume. I can totally see me using this as a quickie scent pick me up after a long flight, prior to exiting the plane, before greeting my loved ones.

I've got to get me some... like... TODAY!

If you seen or know of any fabulous solid perfume scents I should try, let me know!



Roxann said...
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Roxann said...

Is it like lip gloss balm -- using my fingertip to apply to where I want?