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Monday, August 2, 2010

Moving Budget... What's it gonna be? How much is this ish really going to cost?

Now that I'm all moved out of Casa Jonez, it's time to get real serious about moving out of state. I'm temporarily staying at my mom's apartment. And I do mean temporary. I refuse to set up the guest room, where all of my belongings are currently stored. Sleeping on the couch reminds me daily to get the heck up off that couch and into my new home.

So now I'm trying to figure out my budget for this move.

I have a check list like thissss long. I'm so not ready but I'm gonna be. By the grace of God, I will be ready. My final exit date is September 30th. Give or take a few days. For sure I'll be out of Phoenix in time for my BFF's wedding in October.

How am I going to pay for this cross country move?

I would love to just pack all my stuff into a SUV and drive cross country to my new home. On the way I can stop in various cities to explore and visit family & friends. I looked into one way rentals from Phoenix and the minimum price I found was approx $1,000.


Since that plan is out... I can just fly directly into my new home state. I'll bite the bullet and pay for luggage fees. I gotta check with the airlines but I think the max number of bags I can check in is three. Paying luggage fees is a frugal option but that means I'd probably only be moving into my new home city with all my shoes and a few clothes. When I moved, it took 3 suitcases to fill my shoes. Every single last one of my shoes are coming with me. Those are lifelong friends!

I'm also flirting with Amtrak. It's been a minute since I rode the Amtrak and I very much prefer the train over flying. It would take me 3 or 4 days to get across country. Probably longer since Amtrak is notoriously famous for not arriving to its destination on time. Ask Afrobella and Luvvie. These fabulous ladies missed a roof top party trying to Amtrak it to DC from Chicago.

Ma offered a cheap solution to shipping my junk to my new home state. I can ship packages for a super low price from her office. This option may be the best idea yet.

We'll see....


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Roxann said...

I definitely agree with your mom about shipping your stuffs because I know it will be MUCH cheaper that way.