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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Here's that long overdue price breakdown

Food: This was my biggest expense. This surprised me because I didn't plan on spending this amount on food when a large portion of my trip expenses already covered this.

To make a long story short: to cut costs, I traveled to Nassau on a buddy pass. Everything was going smoothly until a flight to Chicago canceled. That darn earthquake. That canceled flight diverted a lot of revenue paying passengers to my DC flight and I lost my seat. Plan B was for me to fly to Vegas and catch the red eye to Philly before continuing my way to Nassau the next day. I didn't make that flight and had to spend the night in the Vegas airport. Thank God I packed snacks in my suitcase. Dinner & Breakfast at Vegas airport cost me $17.28.

Airport dining = highway robbery

By the way, since I missed the Philly connection, this caused me to lose an entire vacation day. I was bummed but got over it really fast once I learned I was going to be forced to spend the night in DC.

Thursday I was able to get on a flight to DC leaving Vegas at noon. Once I landed, due to scheduling availability, I could not leave for Nassau until the following day. I met up with my BFF's: Jermey & Lisa Pizza for drinks. I brought dinner from my favorite sandwich place, Potbelly's and Jermey treated us to beer.

Friday I finally made it to Nassau. Immediately after eating lunch (free!), I hit the beach. Saturday I had another beach break planned and thought I'd purchase a panini sandwich from one of the local restaurants. Nasty. Too much cheese and after some time, it started to smell. Yuck. A waste of $12

Sunday I left Nassau as planned. Once again, fate intervened and I was unable to make my Phoenix connection. Thank God Lisa Pizza was available to entertain me & we went out for margaritas. It was delicious! Those margaritas & shared appetizer set me back $18 bucks. Worth. every. penny.

Gifts - I brought rum cakes for a few folks. One for E who's birthday is coming up next week. I also brought a cake for my friend who provided the buddy pass, as a thank you, and I brought a third cake for myself. E was being stingy and didn't want to share his cake with his family and myself, so we hid it from him when he stepped away from the kitchen. Hee... hee...

I also purchased post cards and remembered to buy stamps. Now this annoys me. The face value of the stamps were 55 cents. The Atlantis gift shop charged me stamps in packs of two for $1.50. Highway robbery. I got jipped. Straight up.

Tips - I saved on tips by opting to carry my own luggage to my room. I was being cheap. Keep in mind, Atlantis property is huge. HUGE. Walking that long distance to my Royal Towers, with my luggage, was tiring. Yes, I was being cheap, but I'm also funny about other people manhandling my luggage.

Phone Charges: Could have been avoided if I checked my email & saw that the business I was trying to get ahold of contacted me previously via email. The resort charges $1.99 per local call.

All in all... I had a great time. I'm pleased that after re-evaluation, I've successfully completed my $100 challenge. Just barely. I love the resort and two days is not enough time to spend there to enjoy all of its amenities. $100 is a pretty impossible budget to set for an a'la carte resort like Atlantis, but in my case it was very much possible.


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K. Rock said...

Wow that is quite a feat!! My husband and I are going on a cruise (our first vacation ever) in a few weeks and we will be spending one day in Nassau. We were going to stop by Atlants but just to look at the grounds because it is so exepnsive. Thanks for the info and the pics!