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Monday, July 12, 2010

Atlantis in a nutshell

* It is approx a 30 minute ride from the airport.

* The resort is huge. Huge!

* Pricey. Bring cash and two credit cards.

* Most of the resort is cashless. There are very few restaurants & shops that will accept cash.

* Tipping is acceptable. Altho a few times staff members have declined my tips.

* Comfortable walking shoes are necessary. However, shuttles are provided to travel in between towers.

* You will get lost. Just when you think you've found a short cut, you're trapped and gotta backtrack.

* Getting lost is nice. That is if you're not in a rush.

* If you're planning on walking, the average time from your room to your destination is about 10 minutes.

* You will be mesmerized by the vast marine life. It's stunning. Fish are everywhere.

* I also ate quite a bit of fish while I was here.

* The beach is beautiful. It is crowded but is well spaced.

* Getting your hair braided on the beach is a popular activity.

* Did I mention expensive? Cabana rental at the Cove starts around $700. Even higher on weekends & prime dates.

* I've been told people actually would pay that much for the cabana.

* To rent one of the mattress size lounge pads is approx $100. Yes, folks pay for that too.

* I'm cool with the cabana. I'll just grab a few of their towels & their free beach chairs & make shade out of that.

* I learned the resort will charge you $30 to rent a mini fridge in your room.

* No, I didn't rent a fridge.

* I didn't check, but I'm sure use of the ice machine was free

* Not may things in Atlantis is complimentary.

* This resort clearly attracts a specific clientele. Those who have money to burn.

* It IS very possible to enjoy a vacation here on a budget. No, really.

* Not sure how is the water on the island. I stuck with bottled water the entire time to play it safe.

* The architecture is stunning. Absofrickinlutely stunning.

* The workers there are fabulous. Most of them are. Yea - the fellas are much more friendlier than the ladies.

* I saw a wedding while I was there. A brown couple. *fist pump* for black love.

* Lots of kids. Lots and lots and lots of kids. Oh lord, lots of kids.

* I avoided the pool area. That's where most of the kiddos & families hung out. Besides, why lay by the pool when you're steps away from a stunning beach?!

* I cannot even imagine the budget a family of five would need to stay here for 5 nights.

* Pack a cooler & extra food. I saw a lot of the larger families do this. I bet a lot of meals were consumed on the beach or in-room to save cost.

* The resort is home to approx 30 dolphins. The average life expectancy for the Dolphin is about 5-10 years longer than a dolphin that lives out in the wild.

*Oh, let's not forget the sea lions too. They're adorable. From their bark to the way they just hobble & slide into the water.

* It takes about 8,000 people to run the resort. From the janitor, to the shuttle driver, to the shark feeder, all the way up to management and executives. Amazing.

* Really, you do not need to leave the island. There is a grocery, movie theater, comedy club, pottery painting shop, arcade, and many more to be enjoyed right on site.

* If I heard a kid complained of boredom on this resort, I'd smack 'em.

* For the most part, most of the resort is smoke free. I believe each tower has one floor that is designated as the smoking floor.

* The Cove is by far my absolute favorite tower.

* The island is stunning. The weather was perfect.

* How many times have I've said stunning? That word is not usually a part of my everyday vocabulary.

* I saw seahorses. I'd think I'd like to own one as a pet. No, make that two seahorses. I'd name them Celie & Nettie.

* The best food I ate during my stay was this tiny chocolate cake. I literally moaned out loud. The 2nd best was the couscous salad. (Hey, I'm a simple girl)

* I didn't take as many pictures during this trip. My total pictures & movies is just over 200.


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