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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Too lazy to iron?

This stuff right here is.the.ish. I used it for the first time in Jamaica and it was a lifesaver. Altho my clothes were neatly packed & rolled up in perfect tubes, a lot of my dresses came out pretty wrinkled. Just about every morning I was pressed for time getting dressed. (Not to mention I haaate ironing with a passion.) This little gem came thru for me. I just do a couple quick sprits, give it a quick shake, and the wrinkles disappear before my eyes.

The travel size usually retail between $1 and $1.99 depending on where you shop. If you look hard enough, you may come across a free internet coupon. This product is going into my permanent travel bag.

*No Downy did not pay me to promote this item but if they want to, I won't be mad at 'em!

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