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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thursday's travel tip - Packing for Jamaica

A few friends of mine just returned last week from Jamaica after attending a wedding there. I solicited their advice about packing for Jamaica and they gave me some really good feedback.

- Pack bug spray. Mosquito and sand fleas are really annoying.

- Pack extra underwear & clothing. I'd may find myself changing clothes at least twice a day.

- Pack Imodium or Tums. Two of the ladies caught a stomach bug after eating.

- Pack a water camera. I'm going on a Horseback Ride n' Swim excursion.

- Bring small bills to tip taxi drivers, luggage handlers, etc.

- Rick's Cafe is a must see. I may not have time during my work to do that but I'll sure try.

- At all cost, avoid the Bob Marley shot.


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