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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thursday Travel Tip - Register ASAP

Remember Blogaclious? Founded by the fabulous ladies behind MamaLaw? That fabulous conference I went to last year in Atlanta for three.whole.days where I got to network with some of the most fabulous Bloggers on this side of the moon? Click here to check out last year's pictures.

It's happening again.... this time in sunny Miami!!!

I am majorly bummmmmed that I have to miss the conference this year. My best friend is getting married that same weekend and I have the honor of standing beside her to witness her special day. It took me like a good three weeks to realize I had a scheduling conflict on my hands and I wept & pouted for 30 seconds. Of course when my best friend found out about my conflict, (I didn't tell her...) she apologized till she was blue in the face! It was funny, but I wouldn't miss her wedding for the world.

But you... if you're serious (or not so serious) about your blogging, social media, networking with marketers, or just need an excuse to take a vacation, then you really should think about attending. I have no doubt in my mind that this conference is going to be bigger and better than last year's inaugural conference.

This is thee conference for people of color. Really anybody can attend. What is color anyway? We all bleed red. Well if your blood isn't red, you'd better not attend. Just kidding... I think.

The ladies behind MamaLaw Media Group have complied a list of top 10 reasons why you should register early for this year's conference. (Early registration deadline: July 1st. Trust me, this event will sell out again)

1) When you watch the next episode of Basketball Wives, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that you too, will have a chance to visit the same restaurants, boutiques, and hotel as Evelyn, Jennifer, Suzie, and the rest of the gals. You might even spot one since the second season was just picked up by VH1.

2) You'll save $75.00 on registration which equals three mango mojitos, a nice Cuban dinner, and Cuban dessert at a great South Beach restaurant.

3) You won't end up on the waiting list because Blogalicious 2010 WILL.sell.out. We've doubled attendance this year but passes are going fast.

4) You already booked your room at The Ritz, so go ahead and register!

5) The "I'm Going to Blogalicious" badge is not only a cute accessory to your blog, but another way to let everyone know you are going to hottest conference this year. Woot!

6) The early flamingo catches the Blogalicious worm. You'll start to get exclusive, attendee insider tips, news, and benefits so don't miss out!

7) Registering is already on your to-do list so register today and scratch that sucker off - done!

8) You don't want to spend your Blogalicious money on your summer vacation with the family, boyfriend, girlfriend, your dog, or whomever.

9) Will Smith said it best in 1998, "Bienviendo a Miami... [it's] the city that keeps the roof blazing!"

10) When will you ever have another chance to stay at a luxury South Beach hotel like The Ritz Carlton for only $199 a night?!

Reason #11 - I won't be there! So that's one more slot for you! #ImJustSayin....


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