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Monday, June 21, 2010

Jamaica in a Nutshell

Our host gave us 4 Rules for our Jamaican Trip:
1. He's always right. Always.
2. Its called Futball, not soccer.
3. If anyone holds up the group, they must wash the bus the next day.
4. Have Fun!

Jamaica in a nutshell:

* I didn't sweat the humidity at all. It felt gooood! (I'm sick, I know)

* Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee

* Mimosas at breakfast every morning except the morning I was hungover

* Speaking of hangover, so unprofessional & so not cool to get drunk on the 2nd to last day of my trip.

* That Jamaican Rum will sneak up on you. So good, so smooth, then... *sucker punch*

* "Brawta" - means just a lil bit more

* "Brawta, Brawta on the rum, please." They take that ish literally

* Read E. Lynn Harris' "Basketball Jones" on the plane. I liked this book the least of all his books.

* That was a long a$$ plane ride. Next long distance flight, imma pack some Benerdryl.

* All inclusive, beachfront resorts are the bomb. The bomb. How can I even vacation any other way?

* All inclusive minibar in your hotel room. The

* The - I said that a lot during the trip

* Jamaica is for lovers. Saw at least 4 weddings while I was there

* Jamaican hospitality is the They really go out of their way for you. (Not because they're paid to do so)

* Got caught in a nasty rain storm while visiting Couples Swept Away. Man, that rain was niiice.

* On my last day, I took my Bible & some postcards on the beach for some solitude. Opened up my Bible this morning and found sand in it.

* I 'forgot' to purchase stamps in Jamaica. Those of you who receive a postcard from me with an American stamp on it; just know the letters were composed on a beautiful Montego Beach

* Fulfilled 2 out of 4 New Year's resolutions on this trip

* Caribbean water feels sooo good and sooo warm

* I've visited a total of 9 resorts while there

* My favorite Negril resorts are: Sunset at the Palms & Couples Swept Away, & RIU Tropical Palace

* My favorite Montego resorts are: Iberostar Grand, Secrets (St. James & Wild Orchid), Grand Palladium,

* My least favorite was Holiday Inn Sunspree, Sunset Beach Resort, <--They are not bad. Just swarming with kids and well... I'm a lifelong member of So I wasn't feeling all warm & fuzzy at the idea of lil kiddos running in between my beach chair.

* Irie, Mon!

* I got jipped at the gift shop. Had I simply walked a few stores down to the Jamaican grocery store, I could have purchased my spices 50% cheaper.

* I came home with at least 12 mosquito bites all over my body. Including my big toe! *wtf* I know I said I was going to pack bug spray but I didn't have any luck finding any in a 3oz size. So, I suffered.

* 553 pictures and movies taken in a 5 day vacation span

* Lavender Sea Salt Body Scrub Spa treatment at Breezes Negril was the

* Having no access to my blackberry & limited internet connection sucked. Big time. I need wifi on the beach!

* That was a long a$$ flight coming home too

... That's it


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Up_iN_thE_AIR said...

and next time take ur younger sister :)