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Monday, June 7, 2010

It's like this ...

Eight more days til Jamaica and still no passport. First thing in the morning, I'll call the passport agency. I just may have to fork over the extra $72 bucks to rush the job.


I'm excited about Jamaica but I'm hot as grits about all this trouble. I mourn the days when a birth certificate was good enough to get you in. & out of the country.


Edited: 8:14am on 6.7.10 - just got off the phone with the passport folks. It's in the mail and they even supplied a tracking number!

I need a bathing suit. FML again. You'd think w/ my skinny frame, this be an easy feat. Nope. Flat chest and a big butt. I've been looking all weekend. Three stores and no success. Besides for the bathing suit fitting, it has to be a cute color/design. Needless to say, the whole thing has been a challenge. Tomorrow I'm heading to H&M after work. Hopefully I'll score there.

Edited: 5:47pm on 6.7.10 - Score! I found a bathing suit, on sale, $10 bucks. It's a mis-matched 2 piece. The sales girl assured me you can't tell it was mis-matched from a distance. *side eye* I think she just wanted the sale & I just wanted to be over and done with this.

So those are the two things that's stressing me out right now. Which is annoying cuz really, I have bigger things to worry about than a booklet & a piece of cloth.

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