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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Greetings from Paradise Island

*Blogging live from the beach*

Yes. Its hot here. No, I don't mind it at all altho my picture may say otherwise. Water is beautiful and the restaurant food is sooo delicious. The food at the beach side restaurants is a different matter. (Nasty & not worth the triple price gouging)

I'm having a great time ... Altho it'd be nice if I had some company. The resort is huuuuge. So huge that I cannot afford the time to explore outside of the island. There's so much to see and do in Atlantis. So I'll have to save my exploration for another trip.

My biggest pet peeve is that the resort is pretty cash less. Everything is room charged. While convenient, it's makes for an easy trap for me to go over budget. There are very few restaurants that do accept cash. I brought a nasty a$$ panini sandwich for $11. I'm gonna force myself to finish it ... maybe. I want a cocktail too but that was another $11 bucks & I only brought a $20 bill on the beach. If I'm thirsty enuff, I just may room charge it just this one time.

Okay, really, that pretty blue water is calling my name! Lemme go take a dip & finish my novel.


- - Jonez

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