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Friday, June 25, 2010

A day late ... Still on budget

I'm finally heading to the Bahamas... A day late. It's a (not so long) story that I'll have to explain once I get more blogging time. I'm gonna make the best of my 48 hours in Paradise Island.

My budget for this trip is still $100. My vacation started Wednesday morning and I've already made purchases toward meals. I'll tally up the totals on Sunday.

Its a tight budget for an expensive resort but Imma make it work. What helps is (some) meals are already covered. To keep my drink cost low, I'm purchasing a bottle of rum from duty free. I've also done a bit of research on budget friendly dining & entertainment options. Here's two websites I've found helpful.


Plane is departing from gate! GTG!

Typed from my blackberry

- - Jonez

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