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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Got a few places to check off the list

Now that I'm leaving Arizona, there's a few more places I want to check off the list. E & I talked about exploring some of these places together. We'll see...

Chelsea's Kitchen I live right across the street from this fabulous restaurant and it's part of the LGO family. Every night for the past year I've smelled the smoke from their open bbq pit. Going to have to grub there soon

Elgin Wine Country There's tons more fabulous wineries in this southern part of AZ. It's a 3 hour drive from Phoenix so I've always shyed away from making this a day trip. This will require an overnight stay in the area.

Mystery Castle As the story goes, a father built this castle back in '45 for his daughter; who still resides there to this day. It's nothing fabulous, but it's one of those kitschy tourist attractions I just wanna check off my list.

Hot Air Balloon
It's no secret that I love, love, love Sedona. I've always wanted to take a hot air balloon ride and enjoy the scenery. I once was going to plan this as a special Valentine's surprise for E, but when I saw the price, um, yea... that got canceled with the quickness. This may not happen this year but it's going on the bucket list regardless.

Kazimierz Wine Bar I've been to this bar several times but it's been a while since my last visit. I'd definitely have to return just at least once more before I leave the area. I've had many great memories here. I was introduced to this bar from a guy I've met on Craigslist when I first moved to the area. I've had many great memories here with friends. The best is Lisa Pizza spilling her drink multiple times. (Mind you, she was sober.) A glass of red and a bowl of their fabulous olives, a plate of their apple-bacon pizza... oh, and another plate of their cold cuts w/ assorted veggies ... yes, I've got to visit just once more.

Antelope Canyon I saw a picture of this area in the local newspaper years ago and bookmarked the article in my travel folder. I'm definitely going to visit this area. I just may make this a solo trip.


1 comment :

Lisa Pizza said...

I was drunk with happiness!! :)
It's a great list-- wish I could join you to some of these places!