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Monday, July 26, 2010

What mom should pack to Europe

In less than 2 months, my Mother is embarking on a solo European trip that will span a course of 10 days. She has spent months planning, reading, and absorbing everything Europe. She got cute little Excel spreadsheets tracking her budget & savings, she listens to books on tape learning French, and has invested in several travel publications where she has dog-eared useful tidbits.

Ma is taking one bag and one fishing vest. Allow me to introduce Percy & Bo. When I first saw Bo, I gave him the *side eye*. No way is my Mama going to Europe with that teeny weeny bag. Ma excitedly showed me how she managed to fit several outfits, all her electronics and other misc stuff with room to spare. I was impressed, but you won't see me travel that lightly. I like packing 9 outfits and 6 shoes for a 3 day trip. A Sista needs options.

I complied a list of a few extra things Ma can take along with her on trip.


This is probably more for me than for her.
Naw... mom would definitely love this.
She drinks more than I do!
Unfortunately, Ma is a part time smoker,
so this flask with the built in cigarette holder
is perfect for her.

This product can be found here.


No trip to either Paris or Italy is complete without sampling and savoring the country's many wines. I already know Ma is planning a couple picnic lunches to keep her meal costs down. I came across this stainless steel wine glass that is detachable. I can envision Ma enjoying a bottle in the park or on the train sipping out of her portable glass.

The Diva Cup
I don't know about the European tampons and since she's packing everything in one bag, the less she packs the better. The Diva Cup is environmentally friendly. I've heard great things about this product. It takes a little getting used to at first, but once you get the hang of it, you'll probably never go back to tampons again. Reviews mentioned the Diva Cup should last a full year before needing replacing.


When I was a kid, I've once attempted trying to pee standing up just like my brothers. One failed attempt was all it took and I went back to sitting on my arse. Now public bathrooms is another story. I have seen some nasty bathrooms. I've once held my bladder for 13, yes, 13 hours! Introducing the Go Girl Portable Bathroom. This product is a little.... strange. Okay... A LOT strange. The company gets extra kudos because this is an American made product. I dunno if Ma would go for this. But then again she does weird things like eat anchovies & okra. So maybe this might intrigue her.

Disposable Pan.ties

This may be a very unse.xy option but it's ultra convenient! A 10 pack can run $7, which is reasonable. She can dispose of them after use & make room for the pair of shoes she'll bring home.

Any other suggestions?


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