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Friday, April 30, 2010

The Game Plan

Butta Baby comes to town today!!! She's bringing my God-daughter, Nyla Angel, whom I'm meeting for the first time since her premature birth last August.

*fist pump for all the Leos out there*

We've been best friends since we were little kids. Lived on the same street and everything. I can't even tell you how old we were when we met. Age 2? 3? 4? *shrugs*

I digress.

Here's the game plan:

- Lands via Delta Airlines at 9:43am
- Head over to Mama's Casa to get settled in
- I have to work in the office 12-5pm today (booo!)
- Relax over cocktails... happy hour... karaoke... whatever...

- Butterfly exhibit at Desert Botanical Garden
- Lunch and shopping about town
- - - or - - -
- Winery Road trip: Either Granite Creek near Prescott or Page Springs in Cornville.
- Old School Hip Hop night at Club Rain (Mama babysits Nyla)

- Road trip to the Grand Canyon (all day)
* I wish I could drink on this trip. Nuffin exciting about staring at rocks but this is what Butta Baby wants.*

-Butta Baby and Baby Nyla heads home via Delta at 7:4am *sniff*

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