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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Oh, Arizona... (wait and see)


Oh, Arizona...

Five years ago, after graduation, I hit the road and drove to Arizona, ready to pursue my dreams. No housing in place. No job in place. Just my firm resolve that this state was going to be my new home and it was going to be fabulous.


I decided to pursue a travel career here...

A travel career! Good idea, right? I'm pursuing my passion. That's the American dream!

Maaaan... it has been a bumpy road....

About to get bumpier now...

This new immigration law... *sigh*

In a nutshell, it's STUPID.

Ab-so-fu*kin-lutely STUPID.

Excuse my French.

I'm sure worst words have been used by non-Republicans to describe this mess.

Bloggers like Denene Millner are making their promise vocal to boycott travel to the state. One was even bold enough to sue. (The comments posted on this article site is just nasty!) Local hotels, like The Clarendon hotel, whose owner, Ben, is passionate about Phoenix has already received cancellations. The Clarendon is a fabulous boutique hotel. Check it out if you ever make your way out here. Companies and Organizations are pulling out of their meeting and convention commitments.

Domino effect...

Social media is fabulous. Everybody and their mama has something to say on the issue. Making it real easy to weed the negative people out of my life. Also it has become an excellent tool to educate the masses. Here what I learned from fellow Twitter user, @Jelani9:
Regarding Arizona, black folk should remember that Mexico abolished slavery decades before the US did. Slaves were illegal immigrants. Mexico gave refuge to runaway slaves from the US. Also, Texas broke away from Mexico partly because of the restrictions on slavery. White Americans migrated into Mexico and ignored their laws regarding abolition. The Alamo was partly about defending slavery in Texas. We should also consider that illegal labor serves precisely the function that black labor did prior to the civil rights movement.

I must not have been paying attention during grammar school history class or my teachers failed to mention this tidbit. Either way, it's good to know!

Arizona travel tourism industry just can't catch a break. First, a lady dies at Sky Harbor under police custody, then Frommers tells everyone to avoid our state because some punk brought his rifle to an Obama rally, and now this mess.


Hey... I can't blame folks for boycotting. I'd boycott too if I didn't live in this state or work in the industry. For now it's just a wait and see thing. See what the effects of this law will have on our local industry.

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