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Monday, April 19, 2010

NYC Budget Recap

Thanks to Twitter I was able to track exactly how much I spent and where. Thursday night before I left on the plane, I went to the bank and withdrew $100 in $5 denomination. I found it easier to carry cash this way. Easy to make change & easy to see how fast my money supply was dwindling.

Here is the total breakdown:
$30.85 Marc,Metro, LIRR, and subway fares
$ 24.00 drinks
$15 Club cover charge
$27.65 Food
$2.50 ????

Total remaining: 45 cents

Theeeeeen... I got stranded in Baltimore due to sold out flights!

This snafu put me over budget and I spent:
$3.00 Marc train
$2.65 Metro train
$3.28 lunch
~$12.00 Met up with my sister at her dorm & brought her snacks

Check back in with me tomorrow. I'll break down the budget a bit more and explain just how I messed up an (almost flawless) plan.

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