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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Here how it all went down... NYC on a dime

Remember yesterday's budget breakdown?

$30.85 Marc, Metro, LIRR, and subway fares
There's several things that went wrong here. Number one and most importantly, I should have just brought the all day pass for unlimited rides as I've previously budgeted. Secondly, I should have investigated a bit further when my girl told me "I only live 5 stops from Manhattan." My girl lives in Queens. I had to hop a 15 minute bus ride to the metro and from there take one or more trains to get my destination. Or I could simply take a 5 minute walk to the LIRR and endure long wait times between train transfers. Just gives me a headache thinking about all of this. "Close to Manhattan my a$$". In essence, I spent more time on the LIRR and subways than actually pursuing the city.

$ 24.00 drinks
This was not a bad... especially for someone like me who always has a cocktail in their hands. The first night I stuck to my guns and only brought one drink. It also helped that I kept sipping from the birthday boy's bottomless drink cup. His friends were buying him drinks left & right. After a while, he sorta lost track. *giggles*
Also, LisaPizza and I shared a bottle of Alize, which was poured into our disposable flask. This helped keep our drink budget low. Considering that we didn't finish the bottle and ended up giving it away, we should have brought the smaller bottle instead of the liter sized one.

(Filling up my flask while waiting for the train to arrive)

$15 Club cover charge
This was a huuuge mis-communication and error. My name was placed on a VIP list of the club we were celebrating at. As a VIP, I was supposed to gain free entrance into the club. The club barely consulted the guest list and gave my VIP access away to someone else. Man, oh, man, I was boiling. Heated! That entrance fee cleaned my wallet.

I need to pause for a minute to mention this story. Jermey gave LisaPizza and I two very simple rules that we had to abide by for his birthday weekend:
1. No "PMS-like" attitude
2. Always smile - not matter what mood we are in.

Still fuming from the VIP list debacle, two things brightened up my night: 1) Free open bar for one hour and 2) Remembering Jermey's rule and seeing the look on his face once I got inside the party area. My attitude melted and I ended up having a great time. I did feel bad for not being able to tip the bartenders during the open bar. I figured good riddance to the club since they took all my money.

$27.65 Food
I did pretty good here. The worst offense to my food budget was paying $3.34 at the airport for a bottle of water and a banana. (It was midnight. I was hungry and dehydrated.) The best $5 I spent on food was this dish right here. Sunday morning I ran out of money but LisaPizza still had a little change from her $100 stash and she graciously purchased my breakfast. We ate at this tiny bagel place in Brooklyn. Yummy.

$2.50 ????
I have no idea where this money went and to whom. Because at the end of the trip this was all that was left in my purse.

Total remaining: 45 cents

We all agreed that next time we should just get the hotel room. We originally had a hotel room in Manhattan and canceled once we decided to crash with friends. For only $30 per person, this could have saved me the money and time I spent on the subway. JJ, LisaPizzeria, & Jo are some of my best travel buddies. I should not have been separated from them at all during this vacation except to go to the bathroom to pee.

My mom made a good point on her blog about travel partners. Finding a travel partner is up there with finding a life partner. Traveling with people who are uncompatiable is an invitation for a bad vacation. (Been there... done that)

In conclusion to this really long post...Yes, it is possible to spend $100 in NYC for 3 nights and not have to resort to McDonald's as my friend, Jason suggested.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm...wonder if I can stick to $100 budget in New Orleans. Shoot for as much as the trip & event cost I better be able to!

jeremy said...


thanks, jazzmoh for having a GREAT attitude throughout!! ( and glad to have helped out with my bottomless cup :-p )

many xoxos.