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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thursday Travel Tip

Picture Perfect:

Yesterday I FINALLY got the dayum passport pictures!

*The Angels sing: Hallelujah, Hallelujah!*

Not sharing the pics online. A chyck can never be too careful. Identity theft is a muther...

Remember my crazy passport pics? While I was getting photographed yesterday I thought about actually doing the side-eye or scrunched up face pic. I chickened out and posed with a half decent smile.

A few things I learned:
* They are not going to wait for you to fix your face. Get your pretty on before you walk in there
* Try to avoid looking like you really need the vacation. Have some kind of excited expression on your face.
* Probably not a good idea to take pics when you are 0-2 with a zit you're battling with. Concealer is your friend.
*A lil color on your lips won't hurt. (Thank God I did remember to put a lil gloss on beforehand)

Next on the task list:
* Collect father's personal information for the passport application
* Scan a copy of my passport picture and save onto my USB, hard-drive, and personal email
* Cough up a $100 bucks because the government is about to raise the cost of passport fees. *side-eye*

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