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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Can I go to NYC on a dime?

Next week another one of my BFF's turn 30.

Long story short: E & my bank account is telling me to stay home. Me and every other nerve in my body is tingling with a resounding "YES, go!!"

I have a place to stay. In fact, several places. While it pains me to do this, I'll keep foods to a limit. So that means no eating 6 times a day exploring new dishes & restaurants.

Alcohol is out. Or at least purchasing it in restaurants & bars. My flask will be in full rotation.

Lots of walking and trains during my stay there. I've mapped out a game plan. This just might work if all my friends keep me accountable.

Side note: I'm soooo lucky to have such an awesome and understanding group of friends. Anyone else other than these 5 folks would not be worth the extra effort for me to take this trip

Here's my game plan:

$ train travel TBD
$10 ONE drink @ bar

$9 All day train pass Metro
$10 pizza lunch @ Grimaldi's
$15 Dinner @ Chinatown
$20 Element club admission only. No drinks. (use my flask or already tipsy from drinking all day!)

$10 breakfast
$ train travel (TBD)

$10 - 1 or 2 bottles of wine (Trader Joes or similar)

So ... That's $85 with $15 wiggle room.

Iron tight budget. Can I do it??

Any tips?

1 comment :

tanyetta said...

I think you can do it :)