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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Packing Light

I read this interesting thread on Budget Travel on the subject of packing light. Everyone had an opinion on the subject. A few shared the same opinion I feel about packing: If you can't fit it in your carry-on, then you don't need to bring it with you. One family I know of rented a small uhaul for their week-long beach vacation. *blink-blink*

Check out the thread here

What is your idea of packing light?

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victorian inn bed and breakfast said...

Traveling light by packing light has a number of advantages:

1.You are often able to take all you luggage as carry-on. When your luggage is carry-on you won't lose your luggage, you bag doesn't get thrown, dropped or otherwise abused, and if you have a tight connection you know your bag will be with you, wherever you end up. If you really need to change your clothing (or get something out of your bag) you can.

2.You are able to handle your luggage yourself. If you carry your luggage more than a few feet (most of us end up doing this), you would like your luggage to be as small and light as possible.

3.You will spend less time fighting with your bags, have less to keep track of, and less to worry about losing.

4.Transportation becomes simpler because you don't have to find someone who can transport a number of large bags. For example, some remote towns use motorcycles as taxis. Imagine trying to hold onto a number of huge bags on the back of a motorcycle.

5.Packing light lets you use your check through luggage allotment for medical supplies and other items for service trips.

Remember the traveler's motto: It's better to bring half of what you think you need, and twice as much money.