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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cougars and Cubs

Last December, Carnival Cruise lines partnered with a travel agency to put together the first ever "Cougar" themed excursion. It was a success with over 2,000 passengers on board. Carnival recently announced they will not collaborate on another themed trip as it does not fit their philosophy of a family-fun ship.

Oh, not to worry, other cruise lines stepped right in. Royal Caribbean has a Mexico trip planned and Norwegian Cruise Lines has one in the works as well.

You can read the article here.

My thing is ... Cougars and Cubs?? Really?! The name is almost comical but isn't it demeaning as well? My own boyfriend calls me a cougar because of our slight age difference. (Three years, ya'll. Three whole measly years!) I've later discovered there is label for someone like me. According to the Urban Dictionary, I'm a puma!

Seriously? *rolls eyes*

1 comment :

Joey said...

Puma? hmm you wear it well I suppose :) I learned a new vocabulary word thanks to you..