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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Digressing all over the place

First off ... dang ya'll... my bad for slacking on this here blog. I haven't been doing much of travel and well, that kinda killed a girl's mojo. Fret not, fret not... I'm back. (I hope)

A quick THANKS to my girl, Stacy aka Justice Fergie. She gave me a lovely shout out on her blog about her recent trip to Phoenix. Sadly, I did not get to hang out with her. I really wanted to respect the fact that her and the hubs was on a romantic vacay so I stayed far away. (Even tho I was surprised to learn she was in close proximity to me when she visited Camelback Mountain, LGO, and LoLo's Chicken. All which are in my neighborhood.)
Welcome, Mamalaw readers. Sorry the blog here is a lil dusty. I'm a lot cooler in person. Trust.

Finally, I was reading A Ranting Mommy's blog when I saw came across the link for The Best of 2009 Challenge and I am inspired to create my own list. Last night the boyfriend and I got into a huge fight and I locked myself in the bathroom with a journal and pen. I started recalling back the events of 2009 "My year to shine" (That was my slogan) Well... last night I couldn't think of one good thing that happened during the year. I kept writing about every single bad thing that happened. So I'm going to turn it around, starting tomorrow and recall the Best of 2009.

Since I'm 19 days behind, The next few posts will be lumped into several days until I'm finally caught up.

I hope you'll come back to read. I'm a little curious myself about the answers I'll come up with.

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