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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Best of 2009: December 6 - 12

I'm playing catch up here on this whole Best of 2009 Challenge. Here is week 2...

December 6: Workshop or conference
Hands down, Blogalicious Weekend 2009 in Atlanta. This conference was created by the three fabulous ladies of the MamaLaw Blog. One of the founders, Justice Fergie, is my BFF's older sister and I'm currently working on getting adopted by the Paris/Herbert/Fergie clan as an official family member. I heart these folks to the moon and back.

December 7: Blog Find of the Year
Young House Love. I remember exactly how I came across this blog. I was reading a comment left on a Fabulous Financials post and someone suggested the link to this blog. I clicked over and I fell in love. This young couple is on FIRE! I love everything about them from their DIY Wedding to craftiness to their silly blog voiced by their doggy, Burger.
A very close second is Anissa's blog. I came across this blog after all the mommies I follow on Twitter were buzzing about Anissa's recent stroke. She is currently in recovering stages and her husband re-instated this blog so all of us to keep in touch with her progress. I'm totally rooting for this chyck. I love a good underdog story.

December 8: Moment of Peace
Quite honestly, I don't have an answer for you here.

December 9: Challenge
Man, is this going to be a year to remember. I don't want to really spill the details too much but it has been a really challenging year for E and I's relationship. This month marks 4 years since we've been on this whirlwind journey together. The first three and a half years has been pure bliss. 2009 has brought on some challenges and there have been times during our relationship where we had to make some pretty hard decisions that pretty much impacts our lives forever. Will we make it in 2010? Only time will tell.

December 10: Album of the Year
I have not brought a single album this year. I cannot even remember the last time I've purchased an Itune. My ipod is in desperate need of an upgrade. I'll just use this section to compile a list of the top 10 songs I've "discovered" this year. Some of these songs are brand new, some are old (to you, but new to me as I'm always discovering old music) This list is in no particular order.

John Legend - Green Light
Kayne West - Heartless
Beyonce - Single Ladies
Jazmine Sullivan - Bust your windows
Jodeci - Come and talk to me
Gwen Stefani - Sweet Escape
Kirk Franklin - Brighter Day
Black Eyed Peas - I've got a feeling
Prince - Cream
Christina Auguilera - Candy Man

I know some of you might probably mention the oh-so- famous "Empire State of Mind" should be included on this list but sadly, I've never heard the song in it's entirety.

December 11: Best Place
Home. I call several cities home: Buffalo, Rochester, Baltimore, & D.C. My friends and my families are spread out thru these cities and everytime I come home, I guess I can best describe it as sipping a really good bottle of Dom. So rare and yet you can't get enough of it. Whenever I make a decision to purchase a plane ticket home, it's a hard decision because I can only be at one place at a time. Do I go see the babies? Do I spend time with the family unit? Should I go and create more memories with my friends? I think it's no secret that I prefer my college buddies to my own blood, with the execption of my brother's kids. *sigh* I gotta work on that.

December 12: New Food
Remember this? (Morocco) Remember that fabulous Chicken dish with the olives I cooked? I was not kidding when I told you I loved this dish. I've made it several times since and it one of E's highly requested dishes next to my Sangria, guacamole, and probably shredded BBQ chicken. I grumble that it takes 2 hours for this dish to reach perfection and there is never a single leftover after it's done. Even after I double the recipe. Next time, I'll have to triple the batch when I cook it again. be continued

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Justice Fergie said...

what an awesome challenge! and i love your answers. i would love to do this myself...

You're totally already adopted! HELLO?!