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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Best of 2009: December 31

Resolution you wish you stuck with

Last New Year's eve I resolved to travel somewhere every month. Big.Fat.Failure. Perhaps it was a unrealistic goal for a girl in my income bracket. Especially after September when I quit my job for a travel gig. Check out my side bar. I noted my trips with a pass or fail.

2010 I will TRY to make it a bit more simpler:
- Visit my babies more often. All five of them. Wished they all lived in the same town.
- Get waist deep into the ocean. (The most I'd ever do is dip my feet. The water is too cold and I ain't messing up my hairstyle)
- Get out of the country at least one time. I don't care if it's Canada. Take a trip that warrants the use of a passport.
-TravelJonez. TravelJonez. TravelJonez.

Next week I'll update my travel sidebar with fresh 2010 travel plans.

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