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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Best of 2009: December 30

Best Challenge to be continued... I'm tweaking today's topic:

Ad/Worse Purchase

Meet Bella. Her name has been since changed to Donkey Bella after a few short months. I found her via craigslist ad when I was searching for a new used car. I just needed a reliable A to B car that fit my budget. I met donkey and I think I became a little obsessed about having a convertible so I just had to have her. Regrettable.

This car has been causing me grief since Day 2 (literally) when she just stopped and shut down on the fricking highway! Luckily it was rush hour traffic that was moving at 20mph so I was spared any potential accident. We later discovered her randomly shutting off while I was driving was due to a faulty computer. WTF?! You have to replace the computers in your car?! Mind you she's 12 years old but still, that was highly annoying not to mention expensive. She also has a leaky oil, alternator, and radiator problems as well. This would be the 2nd lemon I've purchased. What irks me is I did this purchase correctly. Or so I thought. E shopped with me the entire time. He did all the back end research and hired a mechanic to inspect the car prior to purchase. The oil leak was caught during the inspection and was determined it is an easy fix. *rolls eyes*

Every day we talk about getting rid of the car but it is difficult for me to let go. I am dependent on this car. You absolutely cannot go without a car in Phoenix. This city has horrible public transportation and the sprawl out here is ridiculous. The average commute to anywhere is 20 minutes. Take a bus and make that commute 90 minute. Royal pain in the a**. One day I will get fed up and put an ad on craigslist that says "Mule for Sale!"

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