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Monday, November 2, 2009

You win some... you lose some... OTJ

Last week I got a inquiry from a lead generation site from a potential client who was interested in spending his honeymoon in Alaska. I sent him a follow up email probing him for further questions about his trip desires. Less than an hour later I got the following:

His responses are in blue and mine are in red. I've copied the email, spelling/grammatical errors as is.

Am I paying for this service? I don't remember giving any credit card information? I didin't realize I would have a ongoing discussion with an agent.

When you put in your initial request to [site} about an upcoming trip, they connect you with thousands of agents in their database. Your inquiry was sent to me. Naturally, I assumed you were serious about your upcoming honeymoon plans and needed professional assistance. It would be my pleasure to do this for you.
Was this not the case? What were your expectations? Let me know. Thanks!

But there's no way you can just do this for free I mean how can you make a living off of hooking people up with vacations and not get paied for it?

I'm thinking: Dude...who cares?! Let's nip this shyt in the bud. Either your interested or you're not. Just stop wasting my time!

As a travel agent, tour companies pay me for booking vacations through them. Are you still needing professional assistance in planning your upcoming honeymoon? Let me know.

well yes I suppose I would appreciate being referred to a top quality private bed an breakfast in Fairbanks. I'll set up the actual reservations but if you wouldn't mind directing me to an appropriate establishment that would be great! Also my wife is a vegetarian, who is lactose in tolerant and can't eat anything with gluten (wheat) so is there a restaurant that you would suggest for someone with those needs? Thanks alot for your help!

*scrrreaaccch!* Hold up, son. You want me to provide you some information without paying me for my time? Sorry, dude, but you're not even on the top of myFaves list. Those folks get my services for free.

I kindly responded with a link to the Alaska Visitors Bureau.

Moving on....

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