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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Seriously, label everything - - Thursday Travel Tip

How did I, in the span of a month lose two USB's?!

My first USB was last seen in Atlanta during the blogalicious conference. This is my "travel" USB where I store pics and documents that I may need to access during my vacation. I've looked all over and checked and re-checked my suitcase and all my handbags. That sucker is gone.

Two weeks ago, I grabbed another USB that I had stashed away. This was a bigger USB (8GB). This one contained a back up of all my photos (over 3,000) and my entire music collection (over 500 songs). Spent a day at the W Scottsdale cabana with my netbook and USB with intentions of blogging. (Never happened, btw) A few days later when I searched my purse for it, the darn thing was missing! (mutters F-word three times in a row) I called the hotel twice in a span of days and nobody has found it or turned it in. I even drove to the hotel and personally walked into the Cabana I stayed in to see if it was lost behind the couch or under the cushions. (Mutters F-word three times in a row)


That sucker is gone. Almost a month after I lost the 1st USB.

Then I think about all those pictures. All those back up files. Some of them might be personal. *sigh* and I worry that thing gets into the wrong hands and then all of a sudden one of my more risque pictures show up on the cover of People magazine a week after the press announces I'm the new First Lady of Turks and Caicos.

My friends make fun of me for labeling everything! I seriously wonder if I bothered to label the USB or even attach a notepad file with my personal contact information for a good Samaritan to locate me, if I would ever receive a phone call or email to have it returned to me?

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Joey said...

Or yet, Consider a NYC style bicycle chain and attach it to your purse ;) Thanks for your comment VIA my blog. I love readers ! I'll be reading yours for sure.

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