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Monday, November 16, 2009

Hostess Gifts

What's your take on hostess gifts?

Personally, if someone extends their hospitality to me and saves me $100+ dollars on the hotel room, I show my appreciation in the form of dinner out, helping around the house, a round of cocktails, a sweet treat, & etc. I usually don't mention out loud, "Thanks for letting me crash at your place, here's a martini". I just do it. The one thing I always make sure to pack is a stack of blank thank you cards to leave on the dining room table at the end of my trip.

When friends crash at my place, I do not expect a gift at all. It gives me pleasure to make sure they're comfortable and show them a good time. Their company and the time they put aside from their busy schedule to visit me is all the gift I need. (cheesy but true)

If you had to get a hostess gift, what would you purchase?

A bouquet of flowers? - Personally I hate receiving flowers but most folk like it

A box of chocolates? -Not every one like chocolate. I, myself, am a picky chocolate eater.

A Starbucks gift card? - No wrong here. But then again, there some folks that don't like coffee.

A picture frame? - Personally, no wrong here in my book.

A sweet treat from your hometown? -Depends on where home is. My DC folks know its a good idea to board the plane with a bag from Potbellys. Buffalo folks betta have some Sahlens hotdogs in their luggage.

Dishtowels? - WTH? I read that on a website somewhere? Umm... ok.

A bottle of wine? - Oh yea, that's what I'm talking about. You can go wrong here.

Gift basket? - Can't go wrong there either

A little appreciation goes a long way. You don't have to break the bank doing it. Just make sure your gift is personal and thoughtful.

Any other suggestions?? Sista could use the help here...

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Lisa Pizza said...

Starbucks gift card! The hostess can get coffee, tea, egg sandwich, scone, hot chocolate, a mug, salad, sandwich, heck even a bottle of milk. Can't go wrong!

jeremy said...

heck no. stick with wine or food from their hometown. it's personal and edible!

gift cards are often forgotten and left behind to expire (for me, anyway) and picture frames are a big no-no since it may not match the style of one's place or he/she has enough crap as it is.

potbelly's and pinot noir, FTW!

Jonez said...

Of course the gay, interior designer would object to the picture frame for the simple reason of it may not coordinate with the homeowner's decor! (That's where re-gifting comes in. Just not back to the person that gave it to you)