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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thursday Travel Tip - Do you tip at hotels?

(message reads: Thank You. Please leave some tea bags and (hot) cups and stirs with coffee and creamer)

This was a recent tip left by one of my roommates during the blogalicious conference. The maid took the money but left no extra tea bags or cups. (How rude!) Of course Auntie Anna was mad. I suggested perhaps the maid couldn't read English.

"Oh, but she can read $5!!!" she exclaims.


It's not that funny but still... the question remains: "Do you tip at hotels?"

Honestly, I never thought to tip. I always appreciate the maids when they come to clean my room. I try to keep it clutter free as possible and suggest (when I can) to reuse the towels or sheets. But that's about it. I do tip the bellboy and my hotel bartender.

What about you?

1 comment :

*Tanyetta* said...

I never tip at hotels. Am I supposed to leave a tip? I had NO idea. OOPS :)

p.s. LOL at ---"Oh, but she can read $5!!!" she exclaims.