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Friday, October 9, 2009

Packing Dilemma

The day before yesterday I was just super nervous about packing for my upcoming ATL trip to the Blogalicious conference.

"What am I gonna wear?!" "I have no fall jacket!" "Wait, what do you wear to a conference?" "I need a fabulous new dress!"

The most important question I needed to answer was "When do I have time to go shopping?!"

This week has been a whirlwind. Work has been extremely busy, a college friend visited from out of state, and I tried squeezing in some quality time with the boyfriend.

Needless to say, E is not too happy with me and the lack of attention. (I'll make it up to you soon, babe!)

Typical story: I've been telling E for weeks that I'm going to Atlanta. As it gets closer to the date and I remind him about the upcoming trip, I get the same answer: "Whatchoo going to Atlanta for?!" After I tell him for the upteeth tine, he exclaims: "Well, fine! Me and my boys are going to go to Miami next month!" Baby, I don't care where you and your boys go as long as you book your travel thru me!

This post is getting long. Wednesday night I tried in vain to go clothes shopping. I had only 45 minutes to do so. I left a networking event early and headed over to Old Navy. *gag* Why did I even bother with that store? Their sweater sale piqued my interest. I zoomed next door over to Marshalls. I tried on like 15 different shirts and jackets. My full bladder was fully interfering with my shopping experience! I had to sit in the corner and pray to God to control my bladder because 5 minutes before closing was not the time to pursue a bathroom break.

I swear if I could eliminate two things - it would be the need to go to the bathroom and the need to sneeze. So annoying!

Marshalls failed and I went home in defeat to my waiting boyfriend. I pulled out my suitcase and promptly fell asleep on the floor next to it. A quick 15 minute nap became 30 minutes.... 1 hour... 2.5 hours... Bf gave up on me and went to bed. I woke up at 1am determined to take The Broke Socialite's advice. Shop my own closet for fabulous gear.

A little digging around and I found 2 dresses I've forgotten about. I also found a pair of black pumps that I've only worn once! An hour and a half later, I had to decide which clothes I was going to eliminate from my suitcase as it was over packed!

I was still without a jacket. Thursday morning, forty minutes before my work shift was supposed to start I ran into Ross. SCORE! Brought a fab six button, belted jacket for a cool $25 bucks. Why, oh, why, do I sleep on Ross?!? I always write that store off and then I walk in as a last resort and come out a winner.

Not too shabby. Okay I must log off to sleep. I've bee up since 6am EST which makes it 3am in Arizona. Once this conference get started at noon, I'm not going to be able to rest again until Sunday night. This is going to be such a fun weekend!

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Deblissta said...

You looked just fab throughout the entire weekend......