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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Atlanta Budget

I'm super excited about my upcoming trip to Atlanta for the Blogalicious 2009 Conference.

Here's the game plan

$250 Airfare
$90 Hotel (my share divided by 4 ladies)
$60 Food (Meals will be provided during some parts of the conference.)
$40 Shopping and misc purchases
$50 Just in case shit happens

Total $490

I'mma just round this trip budget up to a cool $500. I already know I went over on my Airfare budget. I also have to investigate how I will get to the hotel from the airport. That may cost additional funds.

I think I may be slightly unrealistic with this budget. Then again, I'm going to be working long hours during the conference, there hardly be anytime to spend money. Except during happy hour. We'll see what kind of damage I do.

1 comment :

Deblissta said...

So those espresso martinis, champagne, apple martinis, blogamartinis, etc. etc. at $11 a pop were not on the budget???