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Monday, October 12, 2009

Celie, go fetch me a cool drink!

All weekend long the W hotel in Atlanta kept us hydrated with a delicious pitcher of water. My first reaction when I saw this water was "This is bougie!!!"

It was love at first sip.

Those of you who know me knows I haaaaate water. I won't even touch it unless it has like 4 lemons in it.

The "W" water is a step above and beyond. Each pitcher was filled with slices of oranges and lemons. Along with a good helping of fresh cranberries. Some pitchers even included a mint leaf.

When I landed yesterday, I was severely dehydrated. All I could think about was the "W" water. Uh, oh. This hotel done changed me now. That lil ole bottle of Dasani can't do squat for me any more.

I was beyond exhausted and my bladder was screaming for a bathroom break. I ignored all of that and headed to my grocery store to duplicate the "W" water at home. I acted a fool squirming and jumping in the check out line cuz my bladder was like "Now. Must. Go. Now." You can imagine the conversation I was having in my head:

"Lord, please! Not now! I don't wanna go to the bathroom now! I need to get this water. Please, take hold over my bladder. In the name of Jesus, Amen!"

Twenty minutes later, I arrived home. My bladder was threatening to revolt. I wanted badly to go in the kitchen and get started on my water. * sigh * I put the bag down and went to the bathroom to relieve myself.

Once that was all said and done, I got to chopping, I went a lil crazy with the cranberries, and I made this:

I had two full cups before bed.

Yes, shocker.

E would be so proud of me.

I'm pouring myself a tall cup of water in my new blinged out Chevy coffee cup (pictures to come later) before I head out the door to work.

Oh yea... this water done changed me.

Question is for how long before I get bored with this drink?

Yes - I'm offically bougie. It's all good...


jeremy said...

you crazy.

Deblissta said...

Are you planning to get away without posting any Day 3 photos?

Justice Fergie said...

great pics!! and i'm so impressed by your "bougie water" :) miss you already!

Roxann said...

Yummy!! Look soooooo delicious! Hit me your receipe of this water. :-P