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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Blogalicious Day 3

Someone requested I posted my day 3 pictures. I should let you know that my camera decided on the morning of the 3rd day to run out of juice. Jazzy didn't even bother to pack her camera battery because she never runs out of juice on her camera. (That's an indication how many pics I took last weekend)

Here's whats left of my photos. Enjoy!

How many folks went to the fitness walk after partying hard at the Disney party the night before?

Here's some more that delicious water I love so much. I'm seriously addicted to water now.
Fabulous W hotel staff setting up for our Suave brunch
It's a full house and Denene Miller is preparing to speak and bring the room into tears

Closing remarks from the MamaLaw Ladies thanking everyone for attending, including their husbands for holding down the fort, changing diapers, and paying bills while they spent countless night planning THE conference of the year.
Jonesie and Fergie presented their (good looking!!!) husbands with wine to show appreciation for their support. Something tells me the wine is for the Ladies. How many of you guys do that? Buy your man a gift that was really intended for you? *raises hand*

Shortly before the conference was offically over, the MamaLaw announced Blogalicious10 will be held in Miami, Fl!!

*the crowd goes crazzzzy!!!*

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Jazzy, I didn't know you had a blog!! Great pics, thanks for sharing and your help!