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Friday, August 7, 2009

What I learned during my recent trip

1) Flight delays sucks, man!

2) Reunions are great! There's always a few faces you could do without seeing. If I had any hesitation about attending my 10 year high school reunion later this month, this event just confirmed it for me. There are just some people you do not need to see in your life ever again.

3) Banana Pudding! Glorious banana pudding! (yum)

4) A wedding is not the place to discuss your pending divorce.

5) Hug everybody. Tell them you love them. Life is just too frickin short.

6) Man, that was a beautiful wedding. So simple, yet tastefully done. It truly was a celebration of a couple's love.

7) I'm in no way getting married anytime soon. I believe in love. I believe in marriages. I just don't believe in that shyt right now. I'm pretty sure I won't change my mind in the next two years.

8.) I don't think I'd appreciate finding my wedding pictures plastered all over facebook.

9.) Thank God I brought a little extra money with me on this trip for "just in case shit happens". I got stranded in Vegas and I used the extra money to rent a hotel room for a night. Did I mention flight delays suck?

10.) Wow - airlines really did cut back on schedules. It was difficult finding a flight that fit my schedule. I had to leave work as late as possible to not use up all my remaining vacation time and I needed to return in time for work on Monday at 9am. Not an easy task. All my efforts went up in smoke when my flight was delayed...both ways!

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