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Saturday, August 1, 2009


When you embark on a trip that longer than 2 days, do you unpack your clothes and put them away in drawers or closets, or do you just leave everything in the suitcase?

Comment and let me know.

- - Jonez


Anonymous said...

If I'm staying in a hotel then I might put my clothes in drawers. If I'm staying w/someone but have my own room, I may unpack also. But if I don't have my own personal space, I usually just leave my clothes in my suitcase


Roxann said...

That is defintely good question because I actually was thinking when I was at bed & breakfast inn. I was like should I unpack my clothes or just leave it in the suitcase. I ended up leaving it in my suitcase. Why? No idea. I guess I am afraid to forget something in the dresser.