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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My travel pet peeves

  • Airline fares - too expensive
  • Airline fees - I avoid them so it doesn't affect me. I'm just mad for the rest of ya'll
  • Rush hour traffic
  • An empty gas tank when you don't feel like pulling over to get more gas.
  • The middle seat of the airplane
  • Getting "got"
  • Just sitting around doing nothing on vacation. I like to explore
  • T-S-mutherfuggin-A
  • Delayed planes
  • E's "missions"
  • Construction zones that force you to slow down 30mph and there isn't a damn person working on the project
  • Traveling with people who don't have the same intrests as I do
  • Traveling broke
  • You want to order a drink from the bar and it cost $13 for a shot
  • People who put their lil tiny duffel bags in the overhead bins. Put that shyt under your seat so folks with luggage can use the space.
  • Those rugrats that kick the back of my seat constantly. I'mma smack somebody's child one day
  • Babies crying on the plane. Thank God I can take my hearing aid off
  • Cost of airport parking - highway robbery
  • The fact that I STILL don't have a passport
  • The passport cost $100 - Yes, I'm STILL annoyed by that
  • Paying the toll on road trips
  • Big ass terminals where you need a train and electric cart to get to your connecting gate
  • Beaches that charge a fee to spend the day there
  • When I forget to use my AAA card. I paid the membership just for the travel discounts
  • When I get on the plane hungry as &%#@ but I'm too cheap to buy airport food so I starve for the next 6 hours. Then I smell my neighbor's burrito and regret my decision
  • Rental car agencies that put that damn $250 hold on your card. (My heart forever belongs to Alamo)
  • Slow drivers that hog the speed/car pool lane
  • Stinky dirty bathrooms - I've once held my bladder for 13 hours
  • Dead animals on the road. Couldn't you slow down for 2 seconds so the animals can cross?
  • Drivers that forget to turn off their lane change blinkers. You slow down thinking they're going to change lanes but they don't.
  • Airplanes that slow down to the point it feels like you're literally just floating in place. S-C-A-R-E-Y!!!
That's all I can think off the top of my head. Do you have any pet peeves? Leave a comment and let me know.

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Anonymous said...

haha I enjoyed this, see there IS more to JCJ :)