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Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Birthday recap

A quick recap:

All in all it was a good day. I got like 500 emails and texts from friends and family extending their well wishes. The only ones that didn't personally go out of their way to wish me a Happy Birthday was my daddies. Both of them. Daddy Jones in Maryland and Step-Daddy Smith in Buffalo. *shrugs* Not sure how I feel about that.

At work my desk was decorated with balloons. I received a few gifts from co-workers and the surprise was a bouquet of flowers that E had delivered to my job.

Work was the longest day ever. I finished all my projects and reports by 1pm and I had 5.5 hours to kill before I can clock out. Finally at 6:29pm I busted outta there and met E at Pizzeria Bianco along with his sister and her bf. Three hours and 20 minutes later we finally got some pizza in our hands. All I say is I'll never in my life wait that long for some pizza. Papa John! Oregano's! Hell, even Pizza Hut, I'm calling ya'll next year! (Check Twitter for birthday recaps)

My punk azz was in bed by 10:30. I can no longer hang. The weekend was spent drinking lots and lots of home made Sangria. I'm telling ya'll, I make the best Sangria. I dare any one to challenge me. Well, my mom challenged me once and I was impressed! She put cloves in hers. It was impressive! Oh and I saw the Julie/Julia flick. I enjoyed it but all those sex scenes can SMLT.

Without further ado... thanks to those who visited this lil ole blog on my birthday and left a comment for the give away. generated the following number:


Moneymonk - holla atcha girl!

Thanks for the well wishes on my back. It's been an on going problem. In fact, I need to click publish cuz I have an appointment in 12 minutes. I can never be on time for anything. Ha!

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