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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Meet Hank and Gnarly

Remember our game that E and I like to play when we travel?

We were having a quick lunch on the beach - - yummy chinese food.

I kept mine simple. A big platter of vegetable fried rice. Those of you who know me know I did not finish that plate in one sitting. In fact I had plans to enjoy this plate for dinner. (Save $$ on costs)

Shortly after E finishes his food and tosses the empty container in the trash. Immediately this random guy jumps into the trash and opens E's discarded dish only to be disappointed to learn that it was empty. I felt bad and gave him the the remaining fried rice. Only for a half of a second did I hesitate because I really, really wanted to eat the rice for later. I concluded he needed my container of food more than I did.

I named him Hank.

Hank ran across the street, quickly gobbing the lunch. I soon discover that he is sharing his food with a friend, whom I've named Gnarly. At that point, E's sister felt bad and decided to give away her remaining lunch to the fellas.

E gladly walks across the street to give them the extra bag of food. Not before I snapped a picture. Hank is the guy in the red shirt and Gnarly is the guy in the orange.

It felt so good to be able to bless someone. Not to mention, contagious. The next day after we cleaned out our vacation home, instead of throwing away the food that we didn't eat. We put it in a bag and gave it to a random guy. E's sister named him Benjamin. He looks strikingly similar to Benjamin Franklin. (picture to come soon)


Anonymous said...

Yea, it was good times with you Pretty lady. By the way when I went over there to give the food to Hank and Gnarly, I saw them bust out a fresh sugar packet, he was feeding the baby in the picture with the lady holding her. So one meal we were going to throw away end up feeding 3 people and a baby. Kinda of like how Jesus feed the masses with 3 loafts of bread and 2 fish. Leave a positive impact anywhere we are. Chuurrcchh


Anonymous said...

Last thing I forgot to mention form the comment above. That sugar packet was the new recession proof spoon that has multi use potential, not only does it shovel food in mouths, its recyclables, feeds babies with no teeth and does the flavoring thing for your beverage of choice. Yesss E.Profits