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Friday, June 12, 2009

Twittering your travel plans ... Is it a good idea?

An article I read in my local paper yesterday:

Like a lot of people who use social media, Israel Hyman and his wife Noell went on Twitter to share real-time details of a recent trip.

Their posts said they were "preparing to head out of town," that they had "another 10 hours of driving ahead," and that they "made it to Kansas City."

While they were on the road, their home in Mesa was burglarized.

Hyman has an online video business called, with 2,000 followers on Twitter. He thinks his Twitter updates tipped the burglars off.

"My wife thinks it could be a random thing, but I just have my suspicions," he said. "They didn't take any of our normal consumer electronics." They took his video-editing equipment.

My first tweets documented my travel to D.C. for inauguration. Since then I made it a habit to randomly tweet during my trips. (Never mind the fact that I haven't been on a trip since April. That will all change very soon!) This article is making me think twice. I'm already selective about my followers. Most of my followers are folks I know IRL. Some of them know my address! I'm not tripping but I'm definitely taking heed behind the message of this article. I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing. Half the time I don't even tweet about travel anyway.

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