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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursday Travel Tip

I mentioned a while back on Twitter that a few friends of mine are currently in the middle of a 4-pack challenge. By the end of July 4th, whoever has the most defined 4 pack will earn $150. One chyck dropped out a week into the challenge. The three of us are still trucking on. We email each other daily detailing our workouts and meals. It's great motivation for us to stay on track.

We all had the common goal in mind: Get our bodies ready for the beach. ATD left for her trip to the beach today. LBH is going on a family beach trip July 4th weekend. I am taking a beach trip with E on July 10th weekend.

ATD has three more weeks into the challenge. Hopefully the below tips will help her stay in shape during her vacation. While she rather use her exercise time running on the beach or playing with her adorable nephew, the equipment below can help her to stay in tip top shape during her vacation.

Aquabells Travel Weights (click on link for source) These are compact and can fit in any suitcase or carry-on. Simply fill with water for up to 16 pounds of resistance per dumbbell.

A resistance band is your friend and very inexpensive. I use mine at home when I'm too lazy to go to the gym. Again, this can easily fit into your suitcase or carry on. You can attach the band to a chair or door frame to perform different exercises.

Any other suggestions?

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Anonymous said...

How do these help with your stomach?

Lisa Pizza said...

I LOVE the aquabells, what a good idea!!