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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Picture of the Day

(Red hair, thin eyebrows: Thank God that phase is over!)

This week marks the 4th anniversary of my graduation from college. *sigh* That day always takes me back to a sad place. I cried like a damn baby all morning long. I cried before ceremony when I learned several family members no showed. I cried after I walked acrossed the stage and saw my closest friends cheering me loudly. I cried a really big cry all over my momma's shoulder when I stood outside surround by the people who loved me. At that moment I just knew - - that part of my life - - the biggest chapter by far - - was finally over.

A thick pill to swallow.

I got over that really quick because a journey was waiting for me...

Linz and I hit the road and headed down Route 66 to move to my new home in Arizona. Damn, I wish I had more pictures. My camera failed and broke for the very last time in the middle of that road trip. The drive down was beautiful. It really takes you back to another place in time. Put this destination on your to do list. We stopped in Arizona but eventually, I'd like to drive to Cali and complete the route.

Linz: are you game? I promise I won't sleep the whole time.

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