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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Morocco - No Passport Required

Almost everybody I knew had "fun" plans during the memorial day holiday weekend. A few friends of mine went on a plane or took a road trip. Others had friends and family visit from out of town. Maaan, I felt like I was being left out of a really cool party.

So I kind of huffed and puffed and said: "I'm going to take a trip too!" Being financially impaired made this difficult. I asked a random question on Twitter: "If you could pick anywhere in the world for me to go, where would it be?" The lone response came from my co-worker, who said "Africa!" She just had to say Africa, huh? After some thought, I settled on Morocco.

I was going to go all big and print out pictures of Morocco to hang in my apartment. Get nice smelling incense, bright colored fabrics, etc. My budget and my donkey of a car put an end to that. So I just did what I could with the resources I had at home.

After a little research I settled on the following Moroccan menu:

Chicken with lemon and olives
Carrot and Spinach salad
Mint Tea
Bonus dessert : Mama's homemade blueberry sorbet

I had big plans to wear this bright colored print dress to go with the occasion and vacation feel. My workout clothes proved to be a bit more comfortable so I didn't get around to changing my outfit when the guests arrived.

Here is the Carrot and Spinach salad. The food pictures are bad, I know. I am not the Pioneer Woman or Pastor Ryan. I promise the food taste so much better than it looks here.

Here is the Chicken with lemon and olives. This was sooooo good! The chicken was tender and the cinnamon in the recipe was a nice surprise. Next time I'll add more broth so we can have more sauce to slurp up.

Here is the setup right before we dug in. E kept reminding me about the time. (40 minutes till the game starts.... 2o minutes till the game starts. ..) Ugh, I wish they would cancel all sports indefinitely.
Here is my plate. I couldn't wait to devour it! I snapped this quick picture so I could hurry up and dig in.

Mama made homemade blueberry sorbet. This was soooooooo good!!! (How many times have I said that on this blog already?)

She also provided the cocktails: Moroccan Mint Tea. It's basically sweet tea, vodka, mint, and lime. Taste exactly like a mojoito if you ask me.

I had fun with all of this. For two hours, it really did feel like I was at another place. It was a nice change of pace from your traditional memorial day bbq. This was my first time trying Moroccan food and I'm definitely making it again. There was not a single piece of food left after the meal was over. E left shortly after dinner to go to a sports bar to watch the game. It's taking every ounce in me not to eat his share of the sorbet. It's 10:36 pm now - he has 24 minutes to get home before I grab my spoon!

Hmmm... so where shall I go next month?

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Roxann said...

OOOOO.. Very creative. I wish I was thinking like that. Mine was O-K. Trying to make a plan for that day, but Bryan made it little difficult. Errr! I ended up going to my aunt's bbq, and it was good. Of course, family bbq always was good. :-P

Anonymous said...

You're always thinking outside the box; I love it! Next time you visit, you'll have to make EXACTLY everything you made & have Pat give you her ingredients too. That way I can go shopping & we can get to cookin'


jeremy said...

go to antarctica next!!

(curious to see what you'll make for that trip! :-p)

Jonez said...

@soaring panda - Damn, that's a challenge!! *ponders...*

pinkangelsfly said...

excusseeeee me send those recipes my way! miss you love you!