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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Why are airfares so cheap now? *EDITED*

*EDITED* Check out this article that talks to this very topic.

It's not because of the recession - - although the current state of our economy does play a role.

Passenger traffic is down over 10% compared to last year. As a result Airlines have grounded planes and reduced capacity. Business travel has dropped and these group of travelers make up a huge percentage of airline's profits. With less business travelers flying or purchasing business class tickets, airlines are slashing prices in efforts to get your money.

Story long short - - it's a buyers market. Cash in!

Jetblue is having a crazy sale. Prices as low as $39 bucks. I love this sale but it's still too expensive to go home to Buffalo.

Note to airlines - - Hello... Phoenix - Buffalo... cheap... Please?

hears my pleas because the cheapest ticket I've brought to go home was $84 bucks. You cannot beat that with a stick.

If I wanted to go to LA right now, Southwest will let me get away for $49.

Frontier Airlines is upping the ante and offering fares as low as $39. I can escape to Denver for $59.

Not to be outdone, is featuring "The great flyaway sale". I can fly to Chicago for a cool $79.

If I had a comfortable cushion in the bank, I'd purchase tickets for:
  • A trip home in May, June, September, October, and December - gotta watch my babies grow!
  • A trip to CT to meet my friend's new born baby girl
  • Tickets for E and I celebrate his birthday during the Essence Festival in New Orleans
  • Fly away to a tropical destination for our birthday cruise
  • Celebrate the wedded bliss of a very good college friend in August
  • Escape to Seattle to celebrate my 29th with my girlfriends. No boyfriends allowed.
Right now all I have to my name is a dollar and a dream. If you go the cash reserves, cash in on these sales. Do pay attention to the fine print. A lot of these prices are good if you travel on Tuesday or Wednesday and stay overnight on Saturday.

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