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Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend Day Trip - Winery

Over the weekend E and I took a day trip 1.5 hours outside of Phoenix to Cornville/Page Springs to check out some wineries. I'm glad he enjoys wine - - even if he keeps going back to the same sweet, nasty, tasting Mascato wines. At least he's trying new flavors. I bet in a couple months he will be a red wine lover like myself.

The 1st winery we checked out was Oak Creek Vineyards. The chick working the tasting room wasn't all that personable. Whatever. We got 5 tastings for $5. They didn't have much to offer and no complimentary chocolate. (Umm... hello! Wine and chocolate is a must!) She tried to sell me some brownies or truffles for $5. No thank you, Ma'am. I cannot even remember if we can buy a glass from this place, we were not anxious to stay any longer. I do remember this place would not let us keep the glass. (Boo!!) Wine glasses cost $1 or less. Wineries should be passing out those complimentary glasses. I wouldn't really recommend this place to many people.

We went next door to Javelina Leap Winery. The tasting room is very tiny. You can only squeeze in about 8-10 people. The owner was very nice. Again, this winery only had a limited selection. E and I both looooved the Cabernet. It was dry with a hint of sweetness. E, who hates red wine, loves to compare the taste to balsamic vinegar, actually enjoyed this wine. We would have loved to purchase a bottle but they were $50. We could not even purchase a glass to enjoy. This winery only does tastings. 4 flights for $7.50. We didn't stay there long. Again no comp wine glasses. We didn't mind since they were not serving the wine in engraved glasses.

We didn't really like the sight of this...
This was pretty cool...

Very tiny tasting room on site

The last winery - the one we are in love with, Page Springs Winery. They had a whole book full of wines they produce on sight from both ends of the spectrum. This was the place I found my beloved chocolate bacon that I twittered about over the weekend. We had a flight of 6 wines for $10 bucks. At this point, E and I drank so much wine, our tongue was tart and our taste buds were shot. We kept drinking water and eating chocolate to clear the palate. That chocolate bacon was sooo good. Elijah kept sharing my bacon with perfect strangers. I brought a 2nd bar of bacon all for myself. I left tipsy and in a good mood.

Real bacon pieces inside!!! Weird, I know... but oh, so good!

We brought a bottle of this stuff. The description intrigued us. More E's preference than mine.
Beautiful view of the vineyard while sipping your wine on the patio

On the way back home, we stopped by this place that advertised "Bad Ass BBQ". God knows how many times we drove by this place and always said "Let's try it!" Boy were we disappointed. Yuck. I ate all my food anyway but at least now we know when we drive past this place to just keep on driving!

I love it when E and I can get away, ignore our phones, and just focus on each other and have a good time. I learned there is a wine festival in 2 weeks in Eligin, AZ. We might check it out if we cannot find a winery within driving distance to our location while we are in California next month.

Which by the way, I brought tickets for. Travel ban be dammed!

E takes the best sunset pictures...

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