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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday's Travel Tip

Today's travel tip is a good one. I don't always feel the need to practice this tip unless I'm going on a long vacation, packing valuables, cruising, or flying international.

I learned this lesson the hard way.

A short story: On my Hamptons trip a few years back, my luggage was lost for 3 days. When it was finally returned to me, it took a day or two for me to discover that someone has been thru my stuff. My earrings were missing. These weren't random earrings. They were real, white gold hoop earrings, given to me by my brother for Christmas. The same brother who has never given me a Christmas present before that time or after that time. I cherished those earrings and was heartbroken when I learned they were missing. The Airlines refused to reimburse me or take responsibility for the missing jewelry. Had I ever thought of taking a picture, I probably would had a different outcome.

If you haven't guessed it already - - today's tip is: Take pictures of your sh*t! Just snap a few pictures and keep them stored on your digital camera or memory card. When your trip is over simply delete the pictures and move on with your life.

Better yet, leave your valuables at home.

I'm going to be obsessed with passports until I finally get mine. (I know... I know...) Read this article about a reporter who lost his passport while in China for Olympics. He was smart enough to follow this advice.

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