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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thursday Travel Tip

Ziploc bags are your friend and they are available in all sizes:

- You can store all your 3oz liquids to keep the TSA Nazis off your back (duh!)
- Protect your shoes from getting damaged or coming in contact with your clothes
- I like to separate my white clothes into their own separate bag to prevent stains and fabric bleeding
- If the bottle of your favorite perfume is too large to carry on, soak some perfume on a cotton ball and store in a sealed bag.
- Store your electronics: digital camera, USB, ipod, and etc. Should a leak or spillage happens, your electronics are protected
- Store your dirty laundry and smelly socks
- If you have a long chain necklace that easily gets tangled, place it in a separate bag so that you're not spending 1o minutes of your vacation time wrangling it apart.
- Store your medicines and prescription drugs
- Store any gels or creams. ie: slather a small dab of Vaseline in a dime sized bag so you don't have to pack the whole jar. Same goes for gels, hair creme, makeup, etc.
- I drink high end teas. I store extra tea bags in a snack sized ziploc and keep it in my purse.
- Store your loofah to prevent germs/bacteria getting in contact
- Don't pay the airlines any money for on board snacks. Pack your own.
- Pack extra ziploc bags in case a rip occurs or you want to pass it on to someone who needs it.
- Don't pay for these ziploc bags. You are entitled to grab more than one from TSA at the airport. Obviously if you need bigger sized one for shoes and clothing, you may have to purchase those.

Any other suggestions??


Big Bro said...

Excellent tips. I had my favorite bottle of cologne taken away, which made furious. I know they were just saying, "Go ahead and say somethin' n*gga."

Source winter hydration pack said...

Yeah I need such kind of bags that will help me to separate all my travel accessories. Thanks for those amazing tips also.