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Monday, February 23, 2009

No more drink charge for USAirways.

On my return flight home last month on USAirways, I was sooo thirsty. I was quite disgusted to learn I had to pay $2 for a can of soda or juice. I was afraid to ask for hot water for tea in the case they would charge me for that too. That was a long flight and the first thing I did when I landed was purchase a bottle of cranberry juice and drank it all in one full sip.

I'm pleased to learn that effective immediately, the airline will be getting rid of the drink charge.

"USAirways bowing to customer grumbling and a lack of response from competitors, plans to stop charging for soda, juice, water and coffee beginning Saturday.

The Tempe-based airline is the only major U.S. airline to charge for non-alcoholic beverages and until now has been largely unapologetic for the $1-$2 fees and other new charges instituted last summer when fuel prices were escalating.

The airline announced the return to free drinks to employees this afternoon and plans a public announcement Monday morning. It is the airline's second major retreat in three months, the last a return of mileage perks for frequent fliers."
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Now... if they can lower that ridicuolus fare change fee or get rid of it all together, that would be we sweeet!

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