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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Just some random ranting...

Sorry for the lack of posts. These past few days I have been sick. It's really annoying.

I made a small suggestion to E: Perhaps we should postpone celebrating Valentine's Day this weekend. To my surprise, he was actually offended at the suggestion. Wow... I thought guys would relish the opportunity to get out of doing something for their main chick on V-day. I made the suggestion for several reasons:
1) We are in a recession...hello!
2) My brothers will be in town this weekend, starting on Thursday, to attend NBA All Stars events.
My time will be occupied keeping them entertained. I doubt it will be that hard. They mentioned all they wanted to do was check out the All Stars, gamble at the casino, and check out the Notorious movie. (I love when low-maintenance guests come to town)

I booked my brothers on an AirTran flight for Sunday because I could not resist their steal of a deal. The ticket cost was under $100. A few days later, I felt a bit disgusted.. I seriously have a sour taste in my mouth for AirTran and it has not gone away. I vow from this point on, not even to mention that airline when friends and family are asking me for ticket price comparisons. That airline is not getting any more of my money.

This is bigger than the Hamptons trip. AirTran repeatedly treat it's passengers badly. Last month they kicked a Muslim family off the plane due to an accusation. Turns out this family was only discussing where in the plane is the safest to sit. After realizing their error, the airline still refused to fly the family home. Only a few days later, the company apologized and offered a full refund. Whatever.

Here is another story where they removed a family off the plane because their daughter would not stay strapped into her seat. I'm conflicted with this. One, I cannot stand crying babies. In a plane, train, or bus. I don't even like it when my niece cries non stop. Luckily for me, there is an easy remedy. I simply take my hearing aid off. Kids on the plane are annoying. Unless they are sleep. Again, I'm conflicted because right now I'm working hard to convince my future sister-in-law to make the trip out to AZ and bring my babies. A five hour flight is not going to sit well with my niece. My nephew - he's a different story. He's a laid back fella and can roll with the punches.

I'm getting off the point - - Airtran sucks. That's all I wanted to say.

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