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Friday, January 2, 2009

Swweeet Car Rental Deal

Look what popped in my inbox today. A sweeet weekend car rental deal from Alamo. I loooove Alamo. Enterprise used to be my car rental agency of choice simply because their weekend specials knocked all the other companies off the boat. Usually, I can get a weekend rate for Friday - Monday for roughly $40 bucks. Often times, I have coupons like "Free Weekend Day" and such to make my rental bill cheaper. My only gripe about Enterprise is that they require you to deposit with a credit card, in which they will take $250 from you and refund you the difference after you return the card. Should you want to use a debit card, you'll have to provide two proof of addresses such as a utility bill. That's just a-n-n-o-y-i-n-g! That $250 hold be kiling me sometimes because after I return the card and pay for the rental in cash, my credit card company takes as long as two weeks to release the hold. I need all of my available credit to be available to me please and thank you.

My last two rentals have been thru Alamo and I am in love! They only charge my credit or debit card for the exact amount of the rental if:
1) I am a local resident of the city I'm renting from
2)I provide proof of a round trip ticket (for out of town rentals)

If you do not have a minimum available $250 on your credit card, this really does come in handy and saves you the stress.

My only (small) gripe about Alamo is their weekend rental prices are not that competitve. When I rent thru them, I'm usually paying about $23 per day vs the $17 per day thru Enterprise. (advance bookings) Not any more! Alamo is running a promotion for weekend rentals for $10 bucks a day. Any car you rent is $10 bucks a day! Compact, Mid Size, & Full Size is $10 bucks per day. Shiiit, you cannot beat that with a stick.

I'm taking advantage of this special to lock a rate for my future Buffalo, Vegas, and possible Baltimore trip. With my Entertainment book coupons, I'll probably be able to save even more!

I try as often as possible to avoid renting from the airport. Airport taxes and fees can be as high as 32%!!! I can easily save $30 - $50 off my rental bill by renting from a non airport location.

**Edited*** When booking use rate code: WKND


Anonymous said...

I thought Ariel's graduation was in June?? Unless D thought wrong...And if you're not a local resident from the town you're renting, will Alamo charge your credit card $250?~Blah~

Jonez said...

If you do not show proof of a round trip airline/bus/train ticket then yes, Alamo will charge your card the $250 hold. Otherwise, you will just be charged for the exact rental quote.

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