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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pay as you go car rental

Hertz is on to something here. They are trying to go "green" with their new car rental program, Connect. Cars are strategically located around certain parts of the city. Once you pay the $50 membership fee, Hertz sends you a Connect activation card. You can make a reservation anytime online or phone. Once your reservation is confirmed, you can go to the designated spot where the car is located, swipe your activation card, and get in. The keys are already inside as well as a full tank of gas.

Hertz allows you to rent the car (Toyota Pirius and BMW Mini Cooper) for a few hours for as low as $10 or you can keep it for a few days. When you are done, just return the car back where you found it and go about your way.

The concept seems pretty cool. Of course only NYC is running this program but Hertz mentioned they are supposed to open up Connect locations in 20 other U.S. cities. I don't see me using this service, since I get better deals thru regualr car rental agencies. One day I will rent from Hertz, just to drive the Mini Cooper. That is my dream car!!

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Joey said...

The keys are already inside as well as a full tank of gas.

keys are already inside?? interesting concept ;)